2020 Centurion

Call for Price
Engine Model
Engine HP
Fuel Type
Fuel Cap.
92.0 gal
Hull Type
Fiberglass reinforced
Hull Id
Stock #


  • Hull Main Front
  • Hull Main Rear
  • Hull Accent
  • Hull Base
  • Deck Base
  • Deck Accent
  • Deck Main
  • Upholstery Main
  • Upholstery Base
  • Upholstery Hex Accent
  • Upholstery Hex Accent 2
  • Upholstery Welt
  • Upholstery Stitching Accent
  • Interior Side Panel
  • Dash Accent
  • Dash Stitching Accent
  • Tower Accent
  • Two Tone Tower Accent
  • Trailer Color
  • Trailer Two Tone Fender Color
  • Trailer Wheel Insert Color


  • Hull Main Rear (Black MF) upcharge
  • Hull Base (Electric Blue) upcharge
  • Deck Base (Electric Blue) upcharge
  • Deck Accent (Black MF) upcharge
  • Upholstery Stitching Accent (Blue) upcharge
  • Interior Side Panel (Black MF) upcharge
  • Dash Accent (Onyx Black) upcharge
  • Dash Stitching Accent (Blue) upcharge
  • Tower Accent (Electric Blue) upcharge
  • Two Tone Tower Accent (Black MF) upcharge
  • Centurion Power by GM Marine 100% Freshwater Cooled ZZ6 6.2L/465lb-Ft/1.72:1GR/1.25″ DS/Acme 2829 16×15
  • Engine Intake Water Strainer (Std)
  • All Hex
  • Dropzone Auto Tower (Black) Tube
  • Ri-Style Gloss Black-Lined Matte Black Badge Package (2-40 “Centurion” Badges, 2 Model Designators, 2-9 Interior “Centurion” Badges.
  • Gator Step Non-Skid Flooring Black Silverline
  • Gator Step Non-Skid Flooring Black Silverline
  • Centurion Coverfire Full Cockpit and Surf Audio Package w/Black Speakers, CMS4 Bluetooth AM/FM USB Stereo, Indash Remote, with Black Roswell Element 8″ Interior Spkrs, Element 12″ Sub (Only Available on the Dropzone Auto Tower)
  • Clarion MW-3 Large Transom Remote
  • Bombshell Strapless Racks by Roswell Pair Swivel (Lower Mount)
  • Bow Tank (Std)
  • Plug-N-Play Bow Ballast Bag
  • Plug-N-Play Rear Ballast Bags
  • Plug-N-Play Rear Transom Ballast Bag
  • Quicksurf Pro System
  • Ramfill Pro (Replaces Pumped sub-Floor Ballast)
  • Centurion “Silent Stinger” Wake Plate w/ Forced Water Induction to Disperse Exhaust and Reduce Noise
  • Boat Cover Gray w/ Hang Tyte
  • 8bq HD Slide Seat Component: 1st Lean-Back (Must be Ordered with 8bp Slide Seat w/ Receptacles)
  • 8br HD Slide Seat Component: 2nd Lean-Back (Must be Ordered with 8bp Slide Seat w/ Receptacles)
  • Bow Filler Cushion
  • Flip Up Stadium Seating (Port)
  • Grizzly Ice Chest
  • Rear View Camera
  • Universal Clamping Cell Phone Holder
  • Cobra Racing Driver’s Seat w/Swivel and SS Flip Up Bolster
  • Ice Breaker Package (Heater, Heated Drivers Seat, Wind Dam)
  • Standard Tariff
  • Grow Boating Fee $72 / Wsia Waterways Preservation Fund $10
  • Deduct Triple Axle Trailer From Boat Price
  • Surf
  • Sewlong Bimini Top
  • Triple Axle Centurion Trailer


  • Gator Step Deck Kit Black Silverline
  • Gator Step Deck Kit Black Toffeeline
  • Gator Step Deck Kit Sharkfin
  • Gator Step Deck Kit Toffee
  • 8bp HD Slide Seat w/ Component Receptacles
  • Friction Storage Mat Charcoal
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