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Surf. Strength. Spirit.

The Supreme Lifestyle is available to all who answer the call of adventure.  Be it the solo quest for a personal best, or the simple desire to create fun memories, Supreme is the only affordable premium towboat to reach for your dreams. With a customized look, your vision is complete and you embody the spirit of Supreme.

The surfability of a Supreme begins at water level with modified Deep-V Hull design.  The ‘modified’ piece of this design adds balance to the hull to guard against side-to-side weight shift negatively impacting the water behind the boat. The new ZS models have expanded the surfability of our Modified Deep-V Hull with a Tapered-V Hull design that sits lower in the water when weighted, intensifying the waves and wakes.

Staggered Chine Stabilization (SCS) creates symmetrical waves and wakes. SCS is custom lifting rails on the starboard and port sides, staggered in their size and placement to balance the asymmetrical pitch of the boat due to the righthand drive configuration and natural prop rotation.  

Once a Supreme is weighted to ride, engage QuickSurf to surf on either side, with its fast-as-lighting 1.8 second transfer speed. To wakeboard, disengage QuickSurf and set your ZerOff Speed Control to wakeboard speeds and you will be launching off ramp-like wakes.

Our vacuum-infused unibody construction provides exceptional strength plus smooth rides.  Strength is kind of a super power for our boats because it’s created from the inside out through the combination of the vacuum infusion production process and the unibody construction. The strength and consistency of this boat build eliminates the possibility of air voids that can create breaches in the boat, while also quieting the type of rattles caused by mechanical fasteners and reverberation of water noise or prop-thrust vibration.

Strength is our super power because it’s built from the inside out.  The precise contraction of the chassis of the boat provides a balanced vibration-free mounting point for the efficient Supreme Power by GM Marine marinized by PCM. Supreme boats are as quiet and strong as they are high performing.