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Lake Lanier Boat Shop Centurion Boats
Lake Lanier Boat Shop carries new and used Centurion Boats. Centurion has developed a running surface that is the best of both worlds of water sports, wake surfing and wakeboarding.
Lake Lanier Boat Shop Supreme Boats
Supreme boats, also carried at Lake Lanier Boats, offer only premium towboats at an affordable price and are designed to help you get the most fun out of your time on the water – no matter what your chosen sport.
Lake Lanier Boat Shop Landau Pontoons
Landau Pontoons is an independent, family-owned, luxury pontoon boat manufacturer. At Lake Lanier Boat Shop we are proud to carry this line of pontoon boats.

Free shipping of Bote Boards within 25 mile radius of our store!

(* Due to the size of Bote Boards  we cannot ship anywhere else at this time.
Online store purchases are for pick-up only or free delivery in a 25 mile radius.)
Lake Lanier Boat Boat Boards



The Boat Shop is 1 of 8 exclusive BOTE dealers in the country. Stop by or call and reserve your BOTE board from our huge selection of boards.


General Service & Customization


Centurion, Supreme, Landau.


Buffing & Polishing, Full Detail, Wash & Wax

Lake Lanier Boat Shop is your Lake Lanier expert resource for Boat Sales, Boat Service and all related parts and accessory sales. Stop in anytime and see our huge selection of Bote Boards, and pro-shop brands including: Hyperlite, Phase 5 Boards, Wakeballast, Brigade Wake Surfing, and more. Lake Lanier Boat Shop location is in Gainesville, Georgia on Browns Bridge Road.